9th Prince Announces New Solo Album, Speaks On Killarmy

2013-08-18 - 4:27 PM - Lukas

The founding member of Killarmy has a new project on the way.

9th Prince took to Twitter over the weekend to confirm that his upcoming LP, “Shaolin Prince“, is almost done.

"Shaolin Prince" album is almost ready tho. Coming soon. Peace,“ he tweeted. Shaolin Prince is also the title of the movie fom which 9th Prince got his name.

The Wu-Tang-affiliated rapper also spoke on a Killarmy reunion.

“In order for a New Killarmy Album to take  place my killarmy brothers has to be ready to sacrifice. it not about money the money gonna come. We have to go back to how it first came together, it took a lot for me to keep all 6 members focus and together. As a leader only I seen it. Killarmy have to come together for 1 common cause again, I'm ready to drop everything to make it happen but my brothers not ready. It's still Killarmy 4 life tho. 1 day it a come back together and we will drop another album but no time soon,” he said.

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