Georgia Anne Muldrow To Release Second Album As Jyoti

2013-08-26 - 6:00 PM - Lukas

The multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer preps the second installment in her instrumental electronic jazz series under her alias Jyoti.

The first record, "Ocotea", was released in 2010. The new one is titled "Denderah" and will drop via Epistrophik Peach Sound on September 24th. The album is inspired by Muldrow’s father, mother and her spiritual mentor Alice Coltrane. Her father, Ronald Muldrow, is best known for his work with Eddie Harris. Muldrow’s mother, Rickie-Byars Beckwith, served as lead singer for Pharoah Sanders Ensemble, Roland Hanna, Howard Johnson & The New York Jazz Quartet.

During her career, Georgia Anne Muldrow has released several solo LP’s and has collaborated on albums with DJ Romes and Dudley Perkins.

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