Louis Logic Returns With ‘Look On The Blight Side’

2013-10-08 - 5:43 PM - Lukas

The former member of the Demigodz announces new album for the November release. 

The album titled “Look on the Blight Side” will be released via Fake Four Inc. on November 12th.

Logic’s career took off in the early 00’s with the release of “Sin-A-Matic” that featured production from JJ Brown and guest appearances from Celph Titled and Apathy. He then released “Misery Loves Comedy” in 2006 before falling out of the limelight.

Louis spent the gap between “Misery Loves Comedy” and Look on the Blight Side" studying voice, piano, and music theory and collaborating with Copenhagen-based surf/hip hop/Balkan fusion band Spork Kills, garnering MTV attention in the process.

On “Look On The Blight Side”, Louis outlines the pitfalls of his career and turns a rapid-fire sociological lens on NYC trust fund hipsters and addresses his falling out with a former producer.

01. A Day Late And A Dollar Short 
02. The Joke's On You 
03. Don't Care 
04. Bet The Farm 
05. They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To 
06. Chip Off The Old Blog 
07. Look On The Blight Side 
08. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish 
09. Across The Water 
10. Leaving Again 

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