Zion I Releases ‘Hella Fresh Fest’ Mixtape

2013-11-16 - 5:08 AM - Lukas

Zumbi and Amp Live drop a new mixtape that includes songs from Tribal Seeds, Richie Cunning and others.

The group is a part of the Hella Fresh Fest that will take place at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Friday, November 22nd.

Hella Fresh Fest will feature performances by Zion I Crew, Tribal Seeds, CunninLynguists, Pacific Dub, MKSMTH, Vinroc, Richie Cunning, RGLND & DUCKWRTH, Rey Resurreccion, and DJ Goldenchyld, and is hosted by A-1.

The accompanying mixtape has the following tracklisting:

01. Richie Cunning    - "Leave It Alone"
02. Zion I - "Human Being"
03. A-1 - "My Name Is Adam" 
04. Pacific Dub - "Utica"    
05. Zion I - "Emcee M 1-9"    
06. Amp Live - "Differ.e.n.t."
07. Dustin Sharpe - "Stranger"
08. Tribal Seeds - "Dawn of Time"    
09. Tribal Seeds - "Run The Show (Dubstep Remix)"    
10. MKSMTH feat. Los Rakas - "Do it" 
11. DUCKWRTH ft. RGLND - "HoverBoard"
12. Zion I - "Danger Zone"
13. Tribal Seeds - "The Garden"

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